Taking over the digital space- Cassava Fintech International

The last couple of months have seen an upsurge in the use of digital platforms because with the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all been forced to stay home and go digital, to maintain social distancing in order to save lives.


With everyone trying to find the best and most convenient way of sending money or simply just digital payments, the name Cassava Fintech International interestingly creeped in. To most Zimbabweans, the name Cassava didn’t really sound like a product of our own, because most Zimbos associate it with the cassava plant found in West Africa.


But well, ignorance doesn’t always stay (most people have an insatiable quest for knowledge), and people had to dig a little deeper to find out all about Cassava Fintech.


As it turns out, it’s another one of Econet’s great offerings, and whenever people think Econet, they think quality and awesome services, tripled with technology.


With Cassava Fintech International offering digital solutions through international remittances, cross-border payments, instant messaging and digital media services all on one super app, it has been welcomed with much enthusiasm. Who wouldn’t want such convenience, right?


Thumbs up Cassava Fintech International!

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