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Cassava International remittances provides a tailored solutions for Africans in the diaspora to send money back home.
Not only do we have first and last-mile remittances play, meaning we have capabilities in both send and receive markets, we have differentiated our service by including the Home Wallet service which enables customers to open mobile money wallets in their countries of origin and send money into these wallets from anywhere in the world. These funds can be used to perform all mobile money wallet functions as if the customer was back home, including paying utility bills, buying groceries for loved ones, or paying school fees. This decreases the risk of abuse and the use of funds for purposes other than what the sender had intended, which is a major challenge in most African markets.

The Breadwinner service is death benefit cover that pays out benefits to a customer’s designated beneficiary in their country of origin should the customer pass away. This benefit is available at no additional cost to the customer provided they use the Cassava remittance service consistently over a period of time.
We provide an unmatched end to end cross border money transfer service for Africa. Our strategy includes delivering a pervasive distribution system through strong local partnerships both in the sending and in the receiving markets. We partner with a leading national retailer with over 1,500 outlets and merchant aggregators who have a combined footprint of more than 160,000 formal and informal outlets that includes very small (spaza) shops.
Cassava Fintech provides unparalleled access to over 200 million mobile money wallets and 100 million bank accounts across Africa which provide last mile access for remittances from South Africa, EU and the UK.
Cassava Remittances also offers international remittance services to all African countries under the brand name Cassava Remit Limited in the UK

Strategic Differentiators

Cassava has a number of strategic differentiators that are leveraged to create unique value proposition for both our UK and South Africa first mile markets