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Cassava offers payment solutions and services targeting financial and retail sector players, and merchants operating in Africa. Payment collection and processing is facilitated through the pan-African Cassava Payment Gateway, with the solution being able to support different channels and markets across the continent. Typical customers for such services include PayTV operators, retailers, billers and e-commerce players.

We supply a number of products to banks and retail chains, with solutions that include electronic payments and Point of Sale solutions. Cassava sells, implements and supports Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) switching systems with Postilion as the flagship product. Over 60,000 POS terminals have been deployed in a number of markets

Cassava Payments Gateway

Cassava Payments Gateway is a pan-African payments platform that securely facilitates payments between payment service providers and merchants.

  • It integrates payment providers (payment gateways, mobile money providers, MFIs and card companies), service providers and merchants via a well-defined plugin.

  • The single API is easy to integrate with – and the accompanying documentation, testing environments and customer support simplify partner experience

Transaction Payment Solutions International

Transaction Payment Solutions International (TPS) payment solutions offers payments services platform to organisations that process consumer payments.

The ‘Payment Solutions’ being the hardware, software and professional services associated with electronic payment systems.


Paybay provides card acceptance terminals and a simple, easy-to-manage safe solutions for receiving payments from your customers.